5 Best Reverse Osmosis for Well Water

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Waterborne illness from untreated water can be a municipal or private well system product.

Although the water might appear clean to the eye, it could contain thousands of pollutants that can harm your health.

Some well water contaminants include total dissolved solids, fecal coliform bacteria, nitrate, iron, and sulfate.

So, how can you remove these contaminants from your water? Well, the best way to deal with these contaminants is to invest in the best reverse osmosis system for well water.

Reverse osmosis systems can eliminate up to 99.9% of contaminants from the water, making it clean, pure, and healthy to drink.

But choosing the best RO system for well water is always challenging now that there are plenty of these models in the market today.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you easily settle for the best model. Consider the key features of every model for an informed buying decision.

Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews for Well Water – Comparison Chart

FeatureiSpring RCC7P-AKiSpring RO500AK-BNAPEC ROES-PH75HOME MASTER TMAFC-ERP ArtesianExpress Water ROALKUV10M
Price on AmazonPrice on AmazonPrice on AmazonPrice on AmazonPrice on Amazon
Dimensions inches  15 x 8 x 18   17.5 x 5.2 x 16.25  16 x 5.25 x 17.5  20 x 16 x 12  19 x 15 x 5
Weight20 pounds27.5 pounds27pounds14.5 pounds3.52 ounces
Water filtration stages  6 stages    3 stages  6 stages  7 stages  11 stages
Water flow rate  75 GPD  500 GPD  75 GPD  50 GPD  100 GPD
Pure-to-waste water ratio  1:1.5  2:1  3:1  1:1  1:2
Built-in pumpAvailableN/AN/AAvailableN/A
UV  sterilization  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  Powerful UV  sterilization
Type of faucet    Brushed nickel faucet    Brushed nickel faucet  Lead-free designer faucet      Chrome faucet  Chrome faucet with brass waterway
Warranty1-year limited manufacturer warranty and extended warranty on registration1-year manufacturer warranty and extended warranty on registration2-year extended warranty on registration5-year extended warranty on registration1-year manufacturer warranty

1. iSpring RCC7P-AK 6 –Stage Under Sink RO System

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If you are looking for the most efficient well water RO system, you can never go wrong with the RCC7P-AK. It’s an under-sink model that delivers an exceptional performance with less wastewater.

What makes the RCC77P-AK worth going for?

Precision performance.

The RCC7P-AK is a pressure-boosted RO system that offers optimal protection against 1,000+ contaminants, including chlorine, arsenic, asbestos, lead, fluoride, mercury, and more.

This system filters water in 6 stages, with the 1st stage using 3 prefilters. These prefilters include a PP sediment filter, a Carbon KDF (GAC) filter, and a carbon block (CTO) filter.

The prefilters eliminate large contaminants from the water and protect the RO membrane.

Next, the water moves through the RO membrane, which filters the most stubborn contaminants. That is why they say that the RO membrane is the heart of any RO system.

A fine GAC filter then polishes the water before it is delivered to the faucet.

The model also comes with a remineralization filter that restores healthy minerals to the water. What you get at the end is great-tasting water.

Built-in booster pump

The pump boosts the pressure of the water to the ideal level for efficiency. It optimizes every aspect of the RO process, from water production speed to drain ratio.

High water flow rate

The RCC7P-AK produces 75 gallons of water daily, thus suitable for a medium-sized family. It has a filtered-to-waste water ratio of 1:1.5

Reinforced transparent 1st stage housing

A transparent 1st stage housing allows you visually inspect the sediment filter. This way, you can always tell when it’s time for a filter change.

Other features that make the RCC7P-AK one of the best RO systems for well water include;

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Premium quality components
  • Brushed nickel faucet
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on registration.


  • Produces 75 gallons of pure water daily
  • Boosted water production
  • Superior filtration performance
  • High-quality components
  • Alkaline remineralization filter


  • No UV light to kill bacteria
  • Wastes 1.5 gallons of water for every gallon of pure water produced.

2. iSpring RO500AK-BN Tankless RO System with Remineralization

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Second on the list is yet another RO system from iSpring, the RO500AK-BN. It is the next-generation RO system that, just like the RCC7P-AK, has raised the bar for water purification.

The unit produces 500 gallons of water daily and boasts a fast flow rate of 0.4 gallons per minute. It can fill an 8oz glass in less than 10 seconds.

So, what makes the RO500AK-BN the best?

Superb filtration performance

The model filters water in 3 stages, each progressively removing contaminants from the water to improve quality.

In stage one, a 3-in-1 composite sediment and carbon block filter removes large particles, chlorine, and unpleasant odor from the water.

Next, in stage 2, a reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 99% of 1,000+ contaminants like lead, calcium, fluoride, and arsenic from the water.

And finally, in the 3rd stage, a carbon alkaline filter further polishes the filtered water and adds minerals back into the water to enhance the taste.

Innovative design

This system features an innovative design that overcomes the drawbacks of all traditional RO systems. It features a filter change indicator, real-time TDS monitoring, and quick filter replacement.

Economical choice

The RO500AK-BN features a pure-to-waste water ratio of 2:1.This means that for every 2 gallons of water produced, only one gallon goes to waste.

The system saves up to 400% water waste compared to conventional RO models. It contributes to reduced water bills.

Additional Features include:

  • Hassle-free DIY installation
  • Brushed-nickel faucet
  • Supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty, and an extended warranty on purchase.


  • Produces 500 gallons of water daily
  • Features a filtered-to-waste water ratio of 2:1
  • Removes up to 98% lead
  • Compact and space-saving
  • A carbon alkaline filter remineralizes the purified water


  • Expensive

3. APEC ROES-PH75, Best 6-Stage RO System

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APEC is America’s no.1 rated water filtration solutions brand with 20 years of guaranteeing long-lasting, dependable, and noise-free systems.

The ROES-PH75 is a 6-stage system that filters up to 99% of contaminants like chlorine, toxic fluoride, heavy metals, and 1,000+ contaminants.

It produces 75 gallons of pure water daily at 50 psi.

The system’s major selling points include the following:

Superior filtration performance

As aforestated, the ROES-PH75 filters water in 6 stages. A high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter eliminates large particles and rust in the first stage.

In the 2nd and 3rd stages, APEC’s double carbon blocks remove chlorine tastes and chemicals in the water.

The carbon blocks are extremely large to maximize contact time to ensure water purity and multiply the lifespan of filters and membranes.

A high rejection TFC RO membrane removes up to 99% of TDS and heavy metals from the water in stage 4.

Enter stage 5. Here an advanced coconut shell refining carbon filter eliminates any residual taste and odor from the tank.

And finally, in the 6th stage, a premium alkaline filter adds high-purity calcium carbonate to raise water pH for alkaline water lovers.

Superb water taste

The ROES-PH75 produces great-tasting water that is purer and more distinctive than other brands.

100% lead-free designer faucet

Easy DIY installation

With minimal DIY skills, you can install the model by following a detailed installation manual or step-by-step videos available online.

WQA certification

The APEC ROES-PH75 is WQA certified to treat tap or well water to provide unlimited clean drinking water.

High-quality components

The system also has a 100% lead-free faucet, high-quality leak-free quick-connect fittings, and JG food-grade tubing and parts.


  • Produces ultra-pure drinking water
  • Offers 75 gallons of water daily
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • WQA-certified
  • Fairly priced
  • 2-year extended manufacturer warranty with registration


  • Low filtered water-to-waste ratio of 3:1

4. Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Under Sink RO System

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The TMAFC-ERP Artesian is a product of Home Master, a water filter brand that makes high-quality RO systems.

The Company’s goal is to ensure that its customers have an easy way of enjoying clean and pure drinking water.

Since 2002, their products have stood out in quality and performance, and the TMAF-ERP is no exception.

7-stage filtration

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact under sink RO system filters water in 7 stages to remove chloride, pharmaceuticals, TDS, microplastics, and 1,000+ more contaminants.

The system uses a dedicated 5-micron sediment prefilter to ensure the best possible performance and a DOW membrane to eliminate the most stubborn contaminants.

Patented remineralization

The system comes with a 2x Artesian remineralization filter that adds calcium and magnesium twice during filtration. This helps improve the taste of the water.

Water production capacity

This unit produces 50 gallons of pure water daily, thus suitable for a small-sized family. It has a low drain ratio of 1:1.

Built-in non-electric permeate pump

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact has a built-in non-electric permeate pump that reduces wastewater while increasing production.

Innovative design

The Artesian Full Contact features an innovative design that eliminates common problems like slow flow late, canister housing leaks, and high water waste.

Large fittings and tubing

The system has larger fittings and tubing to provide twice the flow of conventional RO models.

Other features that make TMAFC-ERP the best RO system for well water include NSF-certified components and a 5-year warranty upon registration.


  • Low drain ratio
  • It comes with a chrome lead-free faucet
  • Superior filtration performance
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Reasonably priced


  • Small storage tank

5. Express Water ROALKUV10M Under Sink RO System

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The ROALKUV10M is an efficient under-sink system that provides clean drinking water with the minerals you need.

The system produces up to 100 gallons of water daily with a fast flow rate of 0.8 GPM.

It has a drain ratio of 2:1.

So, what makes this system unique? Keep reading.

Powerful UV sterilization

Of all the systems on this list, this is the only unit that offers UV sterilization. It is the best for individuals whose well water contains microorganisms like E.coli, coliform, viruses, and other bacteria.

Double sealed filters

The system’s filters are double-sealed to offer the best filtration efficiency and value.

Leak stop valve

The valve stops the worries of damaged floors by shutting off if it detects excess water. A fabric disk stays on the floor by your system, and should it absorb water, the flow to the system is stopped.

Easy filter swap

With this Express Water Inc ROALKV10M unit, changing the filters is a breeze as they come in a simple design and clear labels. It’s, therefore, easy to know what goes where with a simple glance.


  • Filters water in 11 stages
  • Provides great-tasting water
  • Can eliminate viruses and bacteria
  • It has a leak detector
  • Produces 100 gallons of water daily
  • NSF certified


  • A bit bulky


Choosing the best reverse osmosis system for your well water assures you of a clean, pure, and healthy water supply to your household.

It will remove almost all contaminants (up to 99%) from the water, making it safe for drinking and cooking.

All products on our list all worth going for. They are among the best RO systems for well water you can find today.

Therefore, we hope that after going through the guide, you will get a model that best suits your home’s needs. Happy shopping!

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