About Us

Here at RO Filter Magazine, we are passionate about water! We’ve made our platform the ultimate resource for learning about water filtration, purification, and more.

We don’t hoard our knowledge but share it to help you solve your water problems.

Who We Are

At ro-filtermag.com, we help you make your water better. We know that you cannot choose the source of water that comes into your home. You can only ensure its quality by filtering it.

We, therefore, provide all the tricks, tips, and techniques you need to make your water clean, pure, and safe for drinking.

From our content, you’ll learn how to get rid of contaminants in your drinking water and the best filtration system to go for.

We are your one-stop source for all information about water filtration and purifiers.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping you find information, solutions, and products to address your water needs. We do this by sharing our in-depth research and insights on various topics.

We aim to make the process of choosing your water filtration unit easy by reviewing systems that could be the best for your situation and budget.

We do not take this mission lightly. That’s why we provide you with clear, expert advice that you can trust.

Getting quality water for your home should no longer be stressful.

Product Reviews

Our product reviews are independent, and we do not accept products or payment in exchange for positive coverage.

We search through brand websites, journals, consumer reports, online reviews, and videos to get the best products. This helps us compare and analyze products.

Our team then comes up with exclusive reviews to help you make an informed buying decision.

If you most visit links within our content, we might receive a commission from your purchase. We, however, don’t receive any consideration or compensation for the content of our recommendation.

Our Team

The ro-filtermag.com team of seasoned writers has extensive experience. It comprises of members who have worked at leading websites and publications.

Dr. Peter Gleick – Founder and Lead Water Geek at RO Filter Magazine

Before joining our team, Dr. Peter worked in a water treatment plant where he was responsible for supervising the installation of water purification equipment. He was also involved in performing water quality analysis testing.

He has profound knowledge of water treatment and a high interest in protecting the environment. He has been in the frontline supporting brigades whose mission is to ensure that everyone gets clean, safe, and healthy water.

He has been writing for RO Filter Magazine since its inception and creates engaging, original, and accurate content that is free of ethical concerns. He is also an avid reader who likes studying during his free time.

He is a pro in this field and provides advice on different methods of water purification. His well-researched content is highly informative and insightful.

Today, Dr. Peter Gleick continues to write about water purification and filtration for RO Filter Magazine and other publications

Mark Timmons

Mark Timmons is the president of U.S. Water Systems. He is the highest-ranking Master Water Specialist in the U.S., with vast knowledge and understanding of water treatment matters.

He has 50 years of experience in the water treatment industry and has gained tremendous knowledge of water treatment solutions.

Mark has worked on everything from specialized industrial and commercial systems to small residential units. He has also trained lots of salespeople, dealers, and service technicians in the water treatment industry.

And he can write really good! Mark is a professional blogger at AskTheWaterDoctor.com and LAdodgerTalk.com.

He is also a motivational speaker.

Jennifer Byrd

With almost 2 decades of experience in the water treatment industry, Jennifer Byrd is a force to reckon with. She provides water filtration solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

She is passionate about helping people get quality water, hardworking, and very professional.

Jennifer efficiently utilizes innovative analytical techniques for optimal results. She holds the utmost integrity and respect for individuals who work with herma trait that makes her one of the team’s best members.

She continues contributing to our platform to help you learn to treat water.

Stephen Evangelista

Stephen is the founder of H.Q. Water Solutions LLC, a water treatment company that deals with installing, maintaining, and repairing water treatment systems.

He has a background in project management, excavation, plumbing, and electrical and controls.

Stephen has worked in the water treatment industry for over 10 years in residential, commercial, and industrial industries.

He prides himself in providing the members of his community with high-quality solutions, workmanship, and knowledge of quality water.