Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis G3 vs D6

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Waterdrop is one of the most popular water filter brands. Since 2015, the company has provided consumers with an extensive list of high-quality products.

Why Waterdrop?

Waterdrop reverse osmosis systems stand out among competitors. They feature the best quality, come in compact and sleek designs, and are easy to use. The company also offers the best after-sales service.

In this guide, we compare two of their top-of-the-line RO systems: Waterdrop G3 and G6, to help you make a wise buying decision.

Which of the 2 systems has the fastest flow rate? Is one better than the other? You’ll get answers to the two questions from this post. Keep Reading.

Waterdrop G3 vs D6: Comparison Chart

FeatureWaterdrop G3Waterdrop D6
Product dimensions18.11 x 5.67 x 17.73 inches15.98 x 5.98 x 11.97 inches
Weight37.1 pounds22.6 pounds
Water flow rate400 GPD600 GPD
Drain ratio1:12:1
Water filtration stages8 water filtration stages6 water filtration stages
CertificationsNSF/ANSI standards 58 and 372 certifiedNSF/ANSI standard 58 certified
PriceExpensiveFairly priced

Waterdrop G3 Overview

Waterdrop G3 is a tankless 8-stage reverse osmosis system that comes in a sleek, compact design. It can remove up to 99% of contaminants, large particles, and other harmful toxins from water.

The unit features exceptional filtration ability and a fast water flow rate of 400 GPD. It can also deliver a glass of pure water in about 12 seconds.

Compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems, this unit features a low drain ratio of 1:1 and saves wastewater by 300%.

Filtration Performance

The G3 has an outstanding filtration performance. It is tested by a 3rd party laboratory and proven to remove pollutants from the water, making it purer than ever before.

The model has pre-sediment and carbon block filters that remove large particles from the water, including rust, sand, and dirt. The 2 also eliminate chlorine and other contaminants that can affect your water’s taste, smell, or color.

The master filter or this unit is the RO membrane filter. It is quite large at 15 x 4.3 inches and filters water thoroughly.

Lastly, an activated carbon block filter made from coconut shell removes lingering unpleasant taste and odor from the water. It also remineralizes the water.

Pressure Pump

The system comes with a smart pressure pump that detects the incoming water pressure and adjusts it appropriately for the best results.

The pump speeds up the flow rate and minimizes water waste.

Smart Display Faucet

This system has a smart display faucet that enables you to enjoy a convenient lifestyle. For instance, it has a TDS monitor that tells you the quality of your water.

It also has a filter life tracker that notifies you how soon you need to replace the filters.

Automatic Flushing

To maintain and extend the lifespan of the filters, the G3 is automatically flushed every 20 seconds after working for 2 hours.

It also goes through automatic flushing for 20 seconds when power is restored after a blackout.

If no water is dispensed for 12 hours, the system is automatically flushed, thanks to the holiday mode.

Installation and Maintenance

The model arrives partly assembled and is easy to install in 30 minutes. You do not have to worry about your DIY skills since you do not have to be an expert to complete the project.

The G3 is one of the easiest RO systems to maintain. Filters require changing every 6 to 24 months, and the replacement process is straightforward.

And since the unit is tankless, no additional cleaning is required beyond changing the filters.


The WD-G3-W is tested and certified against NSF/ANSI standards 58 and 372. The unit passed 400 lab tests proving that it doesn’t contain most chemical substances.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in pressure pump boosts the water flow
  • It comes in a compact design, thus space-saving
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • It has a leak protector
  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Expensive

Waterdrop D6 Overview

The D6 is a 6-stage tankless RO system that removes heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from drinking water.

The system has a maximum capacity of 600 gallons and can provide up to 6 gallons of water in an hour. It also has a low drain ratio of 2:1 hence highly effective.

Filtration Performance

With 6 stages of filtration, this system has a 99% water purification rate. It offers superior performance to help you get pure water on demand.

In the first filtration stage, the unit uses a PP cotton layer to remove dust, silt, rust, and other large particles.

Next, an activated carbon filter eliminates chlorinated and organic substances from the water removing bad tastes and odor.

A micron filtration membrane removes any lingering particles from the water before the water to the RO membrane in the 3rd stage.

The reverse osmosis membrane then removes tough contaminants whose particle size is greater than 0.0001 microns from the water. Some of the pollutants removed at this stage include lead, chromite, benzene, and sodium, among others.

Lastly, a post-activated carbon filter removes any lingering tastes and odors from the filtered water.

Water Flow Rate

The D6 has a fast water flow rate of 600 gallons per day and can fill a glass of water in 8 seconds. It is also very efficient, with a drain ratio of 2:1.

The fluid pressure introduced into the system increases the pure water production rate while reducing wastewater. The higher the pressure, the lesser the wastewater.

Smart Faucet

Just like the Waterdrop D3, the D6 features a smart designer faucet. The TDS detectors and built-in LED become operational whenever it is turned on.

The faucet lets you know your water’s quality before and after filtering. You can also monitor the lifespan of the unit’s filters.

Automatic Flushing

Automatic flushing of the system enables you to drink fresh purified water from the comfort of your home anytime.

The unit is flushed for twenty seconds after every 2 hours of use,20 seconds after a blackout, and if you’ve not dispensed water for 12 hours.

Installation and maintenance

Unlike traditional RO systems, which are quite difficult to install, setting up the D6 takes less than 45 minutes. The model comes in a simple design, thus easy for anyone to install.

Only one step can be a little challenging: drilling a hole in the countertop or sink to accommodate the faucet. But if there’s a hole in the cover already, this step is unnecessary.

The model is also easy to maintain with filter replacements once per year.

Waterdrop D6 Pros and Cons


  • Built-in pressure pump improves efficiency
  • Produces 600 gallons of water daily
  • Low drain ratio of 2:1
  • NSF/ANSI 58 approved
  • Easy to install


  • No UV filter

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