iSpring vs APEC RO Systems

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Getting the right reverse osmosis system for your home, office, or business can be daunting. And this is so because of the many models and brands in the market today.

Purchase the wrong model, and you will have plenty to regret about, from frequent malfunctions to poorly filtered water and more.

In this guide, we compare two leading brands that stand out for their high-quality RO systems: iSpring and APEC. From which brand should you get your RO unit?

Keep reading to learn about the 2 brands to make an informed buying decision.

iSpring and APEC RO System – Comparison Chart

FeatureiSpring Water RO SystemsAPEC Water RO Systems
Water production capacity75 GPD (minimum)50 GPD (minimum)
First filter housing materialTransparent 1st stage housingNon-transparent housing
Filter life6 months on average1 year on average
CertificationMost systems are NSF  certifiedMost systems are WQA certified
Warranty1-year limited manufacturer warranty with an extended 3,5 or 10 years after registration1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

iSpring Water Systems History

iSpring Water Systems is a family-owned water filtration company specializing in creating efficient, clean, pure, and healthy water solutions for residential and commercial needs.

It is located in the Greater Metro Atlanta area and has been in operation for about 2 decades.

The Company’s team is made of dedicated water filtration specialists who emphasize on strict quality control and customer satisfaction.

The brand’s mission is to make clean, safe water accessible and affordable to every consumer.

Some of their products include commercial and residential reverse osmosis systems, whole-house water filtration systems, countertop water filters, under-sink filter systems, and ultrafiltration systems.

The Company also makes various consumer products like faucets, shower filters, filter cartridges, and connector fittings.

About APEC Water Systems

APEC is one of the leading manufacturers of residential RO drinking water filtration systems in the USA. They are based in California, where they design and assemble their products.

With over 20 years in the water filtration industry, the Company has an unbeatable reputation for delivering high-quality filtration systems.

Their systems are designed and assembled in the USA, thoroughly inspected, and tested before distribution.

iSpring Vs. APEC: Similarities

Contaminants Removed

Both brands claim that their filters can eliminate up to 99.9% of water contaminants.

Their filtration systems are effective and can remove heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, foul odor, and taste from drinking water.


The quality of the components of an RO system affects its effectiveness and reliability.

That is why you need to look for a unit of top-most quality to get the best results. Fail to do so, and you will have to deal with constant malfunctions and poorly filtered water.

Both iSpring and APEC make high-quality RO systems that can last very long with regular maintenance.

Quiet Operation

You do not want an RO system that sounds like a bulldozer in your kitchen, right? iSpring and APEC models are designed to produce very little noise.


One major selling point of APEC and iSpring RO systems is leak-free fittings. Although these units are not economical, you will not have to worry about leaks.

Get a unit from either brand, and you will not have to deal with common leak problems like stained floors and molds.

Easy Installation

The manufacturers of both brands claim that their water filtration units are easy to install. That even with minimal DIY skills, you can still complete the project successfully.

And most of these RO systems come with an instruction manual to help you with the installation process. You can also find online videos with demonstrations of the same.

But should you feel stuck, you can always contact a professional for help.

iSpring vs. APEC: Differences

Water Production Capacity

iSpring reverse osmosis systems produce enough water to serve a medium-sized family. Most models from this brand produce 75 gallons of clean, pure, and healthy water daily.

Although some APEC models, like the ROTL-600, produce a lot of water daily (600 GPD), there are still others with a very low daily water production capacity, like the ROES-50, which produces 50 GPD.

First Filter Housing

iSpring’s RO systems first filtration stage feature a 5-micron polypropylene filter that comes in an innovative design.

It has a transparent filter housing that allows you to see the filtration progress and the amount of sediment. The transparent casing also lets you know when to change the filter.

APEC’s first filtration stage also contains the 5-micron polypropylene filter that blocks large particles, dirt, and rust. However, its housing is not transparent; hence quite tricky for you to tell when it’s due for a change.


When shopping for any product, always check the warranty period. In fact, it is believed that the longer the warranty period, the better the quality.

iSpring Water Systems offers a 1-year original manufacturer limited warranty. They also provide an extended 3, 5, or 10-year warranty on purchase or as a gift.

To extend the warranty, pay for it before the original expires.

APEC Water also offers their customers 1-year limited warranty on their products but with no extension.

The brand assures them that any product bought from them will be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much space do iSpring and APEC RO systems take?

iSpring and APEC reverse osmosis systems are designed to occupy as little space as possible.

Q. How are APEC’s RO systems compared to others in the market?

APEC RO systems are assembled in California using high-quality filter components.
Their systems are also thoroughly tested and WQA-certified to remove many contaminants. Most systems in the industry are untested and made of low-quality generic parts.
The brand also boasts stronger and long-lasting filters and RO membrane.

Q. How long do reverse iSpring reverse osmosis water filters last?

The lifespan of ispring filters depends on the quality of your water and water usage. That said, filters usually last 6 to 12 months, and RO membrane 2 to 3 years.

Q. Can I install an iSpring or APEC RO system on my own?

Yes, Absolutely!
iSpring and APEC RO systems are made to be DIY-friendly. You can install them on your own.
Their systems always come with a manual for reference. You can also check YouTube videos for the same.

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